Annual Return Form

Application for CME/CPD Active Accreditation Journal Study of Self-Learning (for HKCOS Fellows ONLY)


Application for CME/CPD Active Accreditation Clinical Attachment (for HKCOS Fellows ONLY)


Application for FCAA CME CPD Accreditation Fellow


Application for Non-FCAA CME/CPD Accreditation (for Association ONLY)


Application for Non-FCAA CMECPD Accreditation Fellow


Application for CME/CPD Active Accreditation Quality Assurance / Medical Audit Meetings (for HKCOS Fellows ONLY)


CME/CPD Attendance Record Sheet


CME/CPD Annual Return Enquiry Request Form


Application form for Trainer


Application form for Training Points Accreditation (Ver Jul 14)


Request Form for Training Log Book and Assessment Copy


Training Points Attendance Record Sheet


Status Change of Trainees


Application Form for Sponsorship of Food and Beverages for Saturday Inter-hospital Meeting


Basic Surgical Training

Basic Trainee Registration Form


BST Half-yearly Assessment Documentation (full set)


HKICBSC detailed forms please click here


Higher Orthopaedic Training

Higher Trainee Application Form


Higher Trainee Assessment Form


Rehabilitation Trainee Registration Form


Rehabilitation Trainer Application Form


Rehabilitation Training Assessment Form


Change of Personal Information Form